Monday, February 20, 2006

Winter Fun in Georgia

Temperatures dove below freezing today in northern Georgia. Driving around in the mountains produced ice covered trees and even some closed roads as the picture indicates. By chance I ran into a multi-millionaire and got invited "for drinks" to his mountain top home. He must have thought I'd be interested as it's listed for $4.5 million... A totally incredible place with 12 bedrooms, full staff, gated entrance, a view that goes forever, outdoor fireplaces on the balconies... It's incredible what money will get you these days. I just missed meeting John Travolta and guests. He had flown his own plane in to the local airport and stayed at the 'Chateau', as it's called, the week before. I guess I'll meet my famous people in Florida next week!

I've yet to kayak, but there'll be plenty of time for that in Florida!

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