Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Snowy Hills of Home

The drive through Ontario and even past Montreal was nearly devoid of snow, an indication of the strange winter here in eastern Canada. By Granby, snow finally appeared on the ground (rather than the odd frozen pond) and Orford mountain looked like it usually does at this time of year - covered with snow and rime frost.
My trip is over. It reached and surpassed all expectations. I met many of the paddling legends I've only heard and read about and became friends with many of them. I found interesting paddling partners everywhere I paddled, and seldom ended up paddling alone. I discovered a wonderful paddling environment which seems nearly endless. I will return!
My next project will be to build a Greenland rolling kayak - finally a 'cheater' boat of my own! Stayed turned...

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bonnie said...

Hi! OK, so I thought we passed on the Pinellas Bayway, but we had Thai food & listened to Russell & Nigel and those guys talk story (oh, the raccoon in the tent thing was so funny)...I'd thought you looked familiar but then from your blog I'd gotten the idea you came in on Friday & that was the day I split. But yes, I did recognize you!