Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hey Freya, Happy Birthday!

Can you imagine a better birthday activity than paddling the south coast of Newfoundland? I can't. I'm so jealous! Anyway, Freya (seen here last March instructing at the Sweetwater Symposium in Florida), I hope you have a great day, with sunny skies, a comfortable tail-wind and no fog.

Now I have noticed that several other bloggers are heading off on their summer adventures in the next couple of weeks. I'll be heading to a Greenland paddling event in Montreal this weekend, and then I too will hit the trail to adventure. The setting will be someplace in a well known galaxy, not very far away, in a time set with sunny skies and friendly people. I know, I'm a little hazy about exactly where that is as well, but much depends on dinner, saith the Walrus through his salt-teared eye. I'll try to post from the leading edge...

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bonnie said...

hey, how goes the rolling machine project?