Thursday, May 4, 2006

Smooth Paddling

I was in the United States last weekend for the Greenland event in Burlington, Vermont. Crossing the border, I was asked to give 'proof of identification', so I handed over my photo-ID driver's licence. No problem. I was welcomed into the 'Land of the Free, Home of the Brave". Next year it won't be quite so easy. I'll require a valid passport.
Well, quess what! My new Canadian passport application is all ready to be sent away and in a short span of time, I'll have the offical document itself. Then, not only will the USA be my paddling wonderland, but the rest of the world as well. Which brings up another problem... Do I break down and buy a bag boat, like a Feathercraft? How do I chance on renting something sea-worthy?
I remember reading that delicious book by Paul Theroux, "The Happy Isles of Oceania' and thinking what a strange thing to do. That was before I discovered the pleasures of traveling by kayak, however, so now it seems like a perfectly natural thing to get busy doing.
There just may be a folder in my growing stable before too long. Armed with my new passport, fresh and flush from a juicy bank robbery, international travel looks like a future worth living!

Today's picture was on the lake this morning. A brief interlude between the rain storms we've been having lately.

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