Sunday, August 27, 2006

Newfoundland Diary - Last Thoughts

Traveling around a place like Newfoundland in a rented RV has the great advantage of having a 'home on wheels' where it's dry, warm and comfortable. I've always loved tent camping and probably prefer it to the RV - it's certainly far less expensive - but I found rushing around Newfoundland as we did, not having to set up each night, and not having to repack each morning enabled us to go further, see more, do more and stay drier during the ten days of the trip than we could have otherwise. It was an intelligent compromise. Newfoundland is a marvelous place, but they still have some work to do on their weather. It's very changeable and leans towards the wet side more than most campers like! Our foul weather clothing got a lot of use!

Apparently this old coaster boat in Southport was to be used as a floating tourist attraction, but the upkeep over-took the revenue she brought in and she sank where she lay.

Crab season ended a few days after we arrived on the island and one could see piles of traps like these ones in Southport in nearly every community one went.

A last look at a small community in Newfoundland. Sadly these places are changing as young people move to the cities to find work. Few can find employment today in the smaller places and the bright city lights beckon from afar.

St John's, the provincial capital, is one of the cities young people head for, but many other leave Newfoundland entirely. I spoke with several people who've recently returned to their island roots after spending 40 years and more away. Interestingly, they all remained very much Newfoundlanders in spite of the time away.

Would I return to Newfoundland? You bet I would! I can't wait to dip a paddle in the waters and head out along the coast. I'd do it slightly differently from the others and take the time to explore both land and sea as I made my way around. I'd give myself years to paddle what others have done in a season!

Did the island visit change me at all? Hardly at all. Only my eyes are slightly more 'green with envy' now when I think of those who've proceeded me, but I like to think they're only slightly ahead! After all, it's a 'Rock' and not a race!

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Anonymous said...

Again, so negative. Such put downs in such an invisible way!!!

I can see what you are made of. I don't like what I see. Hopefully others can see it too.