Saturday, December 9, 2006

First Ski!

A dull day of skiing is better than not skiing at all. With the recent dumping of snow, I got out for a cross-country ski today, right off the front porch and up into the hills. It was heavily overcast with a promise in the clouds of more snow to come, so it looks like my second passion is about to begin in earnest. I can't wait. The nice thing about skiing is its seasonal nature, fitting perfectly into the slot when the business of kayaking becomes more and more problematic as getting to and from the various put-in spots I use is fraught with icy hazards and fewer people are inclined to join me.

I'll be keeping the kayak saddles on the car roof for a bit longer as the temperature swings back and forth between 'good-for-kayaking' and 'good-for-skiing'. That way I can be off for a paddle without the hassle of re-mounting the saddles. In the next few weeks they'll come off for good as the local lakes freeze completely over. Then they'll go back on for my winter warm weather trip in the new year. Last year I spent a month in Florida. Who knows where I'll end up this year, but part of it will be exploring the Florida Water Trail that's rapidly becoming a reality, enabling one to paddle the whole coast with relative ease.

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