Saturday, December 16, 2006

Once More, Tasmania

I recently posted on Andrew MaAuley's return to Tasmania due to the unexpected chill of the waters he was travelling through. Realising he was risking his life and the success of the trip, he wisely and bravely returned to try again another day (Try going through that process on your next expedition!).

Since then I have found an interesting water temperature map published by an outfit in Australia called CSIRO which charts such things. These maps are regularly published from data provided by satellite and floating buoys and are quite interesting. Have a look at the picture and you'll see that swirls of cold souther ocean water were pushing into the area the day that Andrew paddled out to sea. I gather he was expecting the warmer water - the greens, yellows and reds on the map - from the north would prevail during his crossing. Hopefully the next expedition in January will benefit from warmer climes.

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