Friday, July 25, 2008

Visiting the Sisters

Nova Scotia's Cape Chignecto Provincial Park has some great paddling spots probably the best of which is a visit to the Three Sisters. These are a series of spires and stacks just off the cliffs. At high tide it's possible to paddle around them and gaze into the numerous small sea caves under the cliffs. At low tide, the area turns into a walking tour after you paddle to the site. I chose to paddle longer than necessary. There's a put-in in Spicers Cove only a short distance away.

My paddle to see the Sisters from Apple River Bay began about an hour before high tide. This gave me time to paddle the distance, see the girls and then return to my put-in before the Fundy tides had their way with me. Earlier in the day I'd had lunch at the Cape d'Or lighthouse and watched the tide have some fun in the Dory Rips just off the cape. Truly a sight - and sound - to see and hear! It's a spot only the best of paddlers might want to find themselves in and then only by choice.

Once at the Three Sisters, I was astounded at the site of the needle-like spires of rock, some black and others red jutting out of the sea. Some veered off at unlikely angles, others were slender needles pointing straight up. The on-shore cliffs, glowing red in the late afternoon sun, towered overhead and were pierced by wave action all along their bases. I was lucky to have quiet sea conditions and sunny skies during my visit. On the paddle back to the car, fog came and went and a thunder cloud rumbled now and then over my left shoulder

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