Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Going Deep

While in Newfoundland last month, I went paddling with a fellow who works with remote underwater robotic devices, usually in connection with offshore oil rigs. The job offers him a number of interesting opportunities one of which is pictured above.

The styrofoam coffee cup on the left is your standard sized cup most people are no doubt familiar with. The small cup on the right used to be standard size, but my paddling friend took it on a deep dive. As you can perhaps see, the cup went deep: 1041 meters deep off the site known as the Flemish Cap, southeast of Newfoundland. It survived the ordeal, but got the air punched out of it. Makes me thankful, kayaking is a surface water activity for the most part!


Steve Weileman said...

I watched a show where they tied a Styrofoam mannequin's head to a deep submersible with the same results. Reminded by of Beetlejuice!

Tony said...

Sounds like Graham, or not?

Tony :-)

Richard Hayes said...

Chris says you have way too much time on your hands...LOL