Sunday, January 9, 2011


Pinnacle, Baldwin's Mills

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I've recently been playing with putting up trips on the Every Trail web site. The idea being, it might give me another way to enrich the blogging experience if more information is provided on where exactly I paddled, hiked, skied or whatever. The Every Trail people provide a convenient way to do this on their site and also provide a simple way to embed the trip onto a blog. I'm not sure this is exactly what I'm looking for as it doesn't look quite the same as on their site. For example, the photos block the route map and the speed of the video is too fast to really get a view of anything, however, it's a start. Actually I find that playing it over again seems to slow it down on my computer, making it easier to see where the photos were taken and what the route was. You can compare this with the Every Trail version on their site by clicking on the link above.

Below is the non-photo version...

Pinnacle, Baldwin's Mills at EveryTrail

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Mark said...

Have you tried making custom maps in Google? I have and I'm curious about the difference between Every Trips maps and Google custom maps. I like the idea and it looks great on the Every Trail website but I'm not sure I like the photos taking over most of the map in the embedded version.