Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Future...

Looking back over the past several years I've been writing this blog, it's clear there have been changes. Not only has the visual aspect of the blog changed, but also and perhaps more importantly, it's clear it doesn't command my attention as it once did. Now that the staff have been dragged kicking and screaming from their Holiday revelries, it's time to wonder what's been going on over the last few years. Certainly many of the early kayaking bloggers I started with have practically disappeared from view, their space now taken up by newer bloggers. At some point, it might be instructive to see where my blog might profitably go in this changing environment as the new year plods merrily along.

For me, perhaps the biggest change over the last few years has been the arrival of René Seindel's 'Paddling Planet' site. Not only did this site collate most, perhaps all, of the world's kayak blogs in one place for easy viewing, it also meant that fewer people needed to visit those blogs directly. Comments have tended to be fewer in number as a result, although controversy still managed to pull people in now and then. Personally, I've enjoyed being able to read many new blogs at the 'Planet' site and even tried my dismal linguistic skills when necessary. I am particularly intrigued with many of the Scandinavian and Italian bloggers out there, from whom I've learned much.

The other big change to the blogging world has been FaceBook. Just look at the picture above to see how the 500 million users and more have straddled the globe! This has been yet another way to form a community of kayakers and one which I have found myself visiting more and more often. Unlike a blog, there is much more immediacy in these FaceBook contacts and one quickly gets to know the writers and where they paddle most often. It has however meant that what I might have once posted on my blog, instead went to FaceBook with less detail perhaps, but more interaction.

Twitter has taken over many bloggers output as well, although I have yet to figure out how to say anything in so few words...

Photo credit: The Thought Catalog


Hans Heupink said...

Hi Michael!
Your story is very recognisable. I see the same changes in interactivity in the Blogging scene - and also noticed Facebook is taking over.
Surprisingly I discovered that you are not part of my little FB-community yet -> It's high time to add you to the list of FB-friends: the invitation is on its way!

Tony said...

He doesn't have me listed Michael and good thing too because I don't mind sharing pictures but not if they are hijacked from my blog. A one stop listing is OK but not just snatching the text and photos like he's doing.

Tony :-)