Thursday, August 23, 2012

I recently made a day paddle on Eagle Lake near the town of Sharbot Lake, Ontario. This whole area is riddled with small lakes, many of them interconnected. If one wished, it's possible to paddle from one to another and camp on 'crown land', places which are still in the public domain and available to all. The photo above is one such parcel of land and was actually a designated camp site at some point in the past complete with a 'human waste management device' locally known as a 'thunderbox'.

While the lovely campsite still remains, the 'device' has sadly rotted away. It's a pity as the lake made for a delightful paddling venue complete with intriguing bays and mysterious islands. While it's cottage country, we found the natives friendly and twice we were asked in for a coffee!

There are two geocaches within easy reach for paddlers so inclined to look for. What's not to like on Eagle Lake?

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