Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Voyage to the Pingualuit Crater

Have a look at the red line on the map above and imagine a fabulous canoe trip stretching across the wilderness of northern Quebec, Canada. While playing on Google Earth the other day I came across a series of photographs and realized that a group of adventurers must have made this trip in the past few years. Their goals were twofold, at the very least. First they appear to have wanted to cross the Ungava Peninsula as the area is called, and second, they wanted to do it on their own power. Lastly, they wanted to visit the large impact crater known as Pingualuit Crater. The photos reveal they succeeded! As it turns out, once leaving the Payne River, their starting point on the east coast, their route followed the Vachon River nearly to the Pingualuit area. After their visit, they found the Puvirnituq River and followed its wandering route to the village on the west coast of the same name.

I invite you to open Google Earth, check to see that 'photos' is enabled and then follow their path beginning in the east and then from photo to photo to see what a marvelous trip it must have been. My red line is an approximation of the route taken, but once you've begun following the photos up the Vachon River, you'll easily find the remaining photos which lead you the rest of the way. Follow their route, look at all the photos! You won't be disappointed!


Lee said...

Awesome thanks!

Alli said...

Thanks Michael. Google Earth is truly nuts isn't it! It is so cool what you can discover.