Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Paddle Care

If you use a wooden Greenland style paddle, made either by yourself or someone else, do it a big favour and give it some care every now and then. What that means is giving it a light body rub with some fine sandpaper. Check its tips for cuticle repair. Again you can use sandpaper for this task. When you're done, do a final rub down with a cloth.

The next step is to apply body oil. In most cases this means tung oil. Some people have a favourite brand, but in my case I use whatever the local store carries. I use a cloth to liberally slop the oil on and rub it in a bit. The paddles then get to rest while the oil soaks in and dries. If it's been a while since you last did this, consider repeating the last few steps. Your paddle will love you for it!

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BaffinPaddler said...

A good reminder. Thanks. I ran out of tung oil. And I have the bad habit of only thinking about doing this paddle manicure just before a paddle. The worst time. I'll put this on my spring list of things to do if it warms up enough . . .