Saturday, July 26, 2014

Visiting Old Haunts and New Arrivals

Got out on the lake today after a long absence. It was good to check out the old haunts, nooks and crannies which I've been to so many times over the years. Checked Black Point and replaced the geocache I have hidden there. The tree root it was attached to ended up underwater when the tree tumbled into the lake during the spring.

Heading across the lake and then down north and over again to Hovey Manor, I paddled up the Glen Villa brook. All was in order including a family of Mallard ducks getting some training in boat avoidance by their mother. The old log off the point is still in place. It has been their since the Glen Villa hotel in the early 1900's, still looking for a shear-pin to break should a prop get too close. It's deeper in the water these days, but still there to catch the unsuspecting...

I also came across this Bonapart Gull on the lake. Not a common visitor, but not unknown either. Always good to see the lake being shared by those from far away.

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