Monday, September 21, 2015

A few miles upstream from Arnprior, the Ottawa River flows over a dam and then divides and redivides into a number of smaller channels. This section of the river offers many paddling possibilities depending on the current and the time of year. I had been there once before, but this spring, the water was much higher, the currents faster and consequently we were unable to paddle many of the same areas as we were able to the year before. That is, we would have been able to, but the return journey upstream would not have been much fun given we had not arranged a shuttle or anything.

So, this meant we went exploring into the drowned forests in bays along the river's edges. Lower water in other years had closed off these areas, so it was all new to us. What had been blocked channels were now open and new islands had appeared. Some gentle rips of previous years were now boiling white water rapids!

In the top photo we came across an Osprey setting up its nest for the season. In the lower photo, taken in one of the drowned forests, dozens of turtles were sunning themselves in the first warm days of spring.

It was a good time to be on the river. Hardly anyone else was there and we were able to enjoy four glorious warm days and crisp evenings. Of course, we had a bonfire!

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