Tuesday, April 25, 2006

April is the cruelest month...

I suppose you have to live life completely outdoors and know nothing of the 'inside' life to really appreciate why we need a month like April. The weather changes on an hourly basis, now sunny, now rainy, now snow, now heat. How does one dress for that? You either freeze because you didn't put enough on, or you boil under your layers. There're no winners here, or are there?

Why not stay inside and play guitar? There's so much here to learn. There are technical skills to practice for the right hand, others for the left, there's music both written and not to learn, there's the joy of playing a well known piece one more time, the mindless improvisation of just letting the tune wander as it wants around the fretboard... In short, another little universe to explore while the climate slowly makes it's shift from winter to summer. So I'll not paddle today. I'll 'toca la guitarra' instead and dream of my summer paddling plans.


Tillerman said...

Thank you for reminding of the pleasures of guitar playing - I must do it more frequently. That is a very nice looking guitat - please tell us more about it one day.

Michael said...

Check out the blog for Apr 6 for more info on my flamenco guitar. It's one of two that I own, the other being 35 years old, an Aria. This is an Alhambra, made in Spain and now 4 years old. Great sound!
I'm a sailor as well and built a Bolger sailing dory to putter about in when my kids were young. It's now awaiting a refit, sadly to say. Kayaking has taken over my life!