Friday, April 28, 2006

Opening Day!

The fisherman are back on the water! Thank whoever it was on a Friday. Tomorrow I suspect one will be able to walk across any of the lakes around here by stepping from boat to boat all the way across! Today was slightly less crowded, but I could tell immediately something was different.
I usually change in a boathouse facing the water. I don't even bother shutting the door, I just strip down and suit up. Not today! I hadn't even loosened my belt before two boats puttered by. When I carried my kayak to the beach a passing fisherperson (they're all 'persons' these days, as you probably already know), suggested there wasn't any room on the lake for kayaks. "You might get arrested..." he claimed. "We'll see about that!" I thought.
But every bay and cove had the sounds of motor boats and popping beer cans. Fisherpeople have so much more fun than kayakers. You can really tell when they're working hard at their pleasure. One guy I know said he had been out since sun up and wasn't going home 'til sun down. Now that's fishing tough, fishing hard, as he put it.
For me, it was a nice sunny day with little wind. I paddled for a couple of hours, poking into favourite haunts and crannies. I got hung up on fishing lines a couple of times, but nothing serious. I made it home in one piece and changed back into my street clothes without getting a public nudity citation or even a cat call.


derrick said...

You know, I try really hard to be tolerant of fisherpersons. But the piles of hooks, old line, bobbers, Styrofoam, dead worms, dead fish(that should have been put back in the water), beer cans, chip bags, candy wrappers, old socks, lure packaging. . .sort of has me a bit ticked off at the whole lot.

Then there is the part about killing aquatic life just for the joy of it. . but don't get me started. . . oh wait. .. I already did. .

Anonymous said...

I'm with Derrik, just cant understand why someone who spends so much time on the water would degrade it that way. But since you missed the cat call ....*wistles at Michael* LOL happy paddling - kayak