Thursday, March 15, 2007

Internet With Those Fries, Sir?

Who would have guessed that the Golden Arches supports wilderness kayaking? Well, they don't, actually, but waterside stops within reach of the famous burger joints give you easy access to wireless internet and that means kayakers - at least those wearing shirts and shoes of some sort - can update their blogs etc while enjoying a refreshing... aaa... something edible - at least other people here seem to be eating whatever this is... So this is your update! Cool, eh? Keep paddling!


clairesgarden said...

every uninhabited island should have one?
hope your paddling is good look forward to an epic tale upon your return.

Silbs said...

Michael, you will have to paddle a 1000 miles (you can convert to klicks) to burn off the calories of fat of what ever you just ate :)

Michael said...

Just a coffee, Dick, just a coffee! Still, I'll paddle the 1000 if it helps! LOL