Monday, March 19, 2007

The Long Walk Home

Coming through the mountains of northern Georgia I stopped in at a little roadside parking lot. There were a few other cars in the lot, but no one was around. I wasn't surprised. It was mid afternoon and any serious hiker would be well out on the trail at that time of day. What trail, you ask? Why the Appalachian Trail, naturally. Georgia is the starting point for 'thru-hikers', those intending to reach trail end in northern Maine before freeze-up in the fall.

It's truly a remarkable concept to think about given the physical shape many people are in these days. That there is a means of walking away just about any ill that you might have, that it begins here and that it's ready and waiting for anyone to take is very intriguing. I was tempted to just leave the car and start out. I'd fix myself once and for all!

Florida is working on a 'round the state paddling trail. It would be wonderful to see more places doing the same. And don't worry about them getting too crowded. The Appalachian Trail isn't and I doubt it ever will be. Can you just imagine if there was a South Coast Newfoundland Paddling Trail, heading out only to discover it was way too crowded? I don't think so!

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clairesgarden said...

I quite like the idea of a trail to follow, no more getting lost and someody has tested out the footing. hopefully it won't lead to it being overused but Loch Lomond here is a prime example of opening paths and areas to park making it too popular and far too busy, but a at least folks are getting out which is a good thing.