Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dory Rips

As I'm en route to my sister's home in Georgia this evening, I thought I'd take advantage of the motel's hi-speed internet connection to finally upload some video footage I took while in Nova Scotia last July. This first offering - uploaded as a DVX file and looking dreadful on YouTube for some reason, is of the tide rip off Cape D'Or. This rip is caused when the incoming Fundy tide splits in two east and west of the Cape and then is turned back on itself and pushed back out into the Bay. The noise you hear on the video is partly wind sounds, but also the roaring of the waters as they rush past the Cape and out into the Bay of Fundy. The opposing waters, coming from three directions at once can create lots of fun for people with the skill and the nerve to play in such stuff. I filmed from the beach. Enough said.

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Anonymous said...

I was there Friday, August 22nd. A gloriously hot and clear day for that area. The tides were very calm on their way out and the rips were quiet. Fishermen take their boats out right into the rips and there are times they sink from view only to appear again. Mother Nature is beautiful