Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Perhaps more than any other recent posting I've done, I receive more hits from people looking for information on 'teardrop trailers' than any other item. Now that I have a two week 'camping' trip under my belt, I thought I would let people know how my 'teardrop trailer', my Go-Camp, worked out. To begin with, weighing in at about 450 lbs, it was easy to tow with my relatively small car. On smooth roads, it was easy to foget it was even there at times. There was a slight reduction in the gas mileage I achieved, but generally it was not much different from carrying the kayak on the roof rack. I really believe the kayak makes a bigger difference than the trailer.

The ability to drive into a camping area and not have to set up a tent or look for a well drained, flat piece of ground was also a blessing. Basically I could park and sleep in dry, comfortable conditions. I was concerned at first that not having standing headroom in the little trailer would be confining and awkward, but at no time during the two weeks did it bother me. It's roomier than my 2 man tent by far! I was also able to have some music at the turn of a switch and electric lighting which was convenient.

The little 'kitchen' unit I made to fit into the rear hatch of my car also worked out well. My 'teardrop' doesn't have a pop-up kitchen like many of them do, so this pull-out countertop and lower 'cupboards did the job instead. It made meal preparation easy and convenient. I think I made quicker and healthier meals as a result of having all the materials and ingredients readily at hand and simple to use in almost any kind of weather, including the rain we had at Murphy's Cove on the last couple of days.

I'm looking forward to other kayak trips with this handy rig!


Douglas Wilcox said...

Michael, that looks really neat. My friend has just swapped his car for a camper van and is touring down on the Solway at the moment. He has discovered it is VERY thirsty on fuel and that if you want to stay a few days at one site, you need to disconnect and pack each time you want to go somewhere by road during the day. He is now thinking of getting a small motorbike to put on a rack on the back, just for running round on from the site!

I have also found one sea kayak on the roof makes a bigger dent on fuel consumption than 4 sea kayaks on my trailer.


clairesgarden said...

wow! love the trailer!!

Richard Hayes said...

Yerself and the Little Guy have got to get together in Newfoundland next summer - Jim and Joannie just spent a weekend in it at Malady Head with us and Tim and Kristy - remember the KatYak??? - did some lovely paddling - will post some pix at Ballyhack Point when I get back home - very slow DL here...