Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Something A Little Different...

Open view at the summit.

Given the water is still very much in the frozen state here and given I enjoy both skiing and show-shoeing, I decided to do something a little different yesterday. Some friends and I decided to rent the little refuge hut at the top of Mont Mégantic, one of the higher mountains in southern Québec lying up against the Maine border.

Nearly buried under the snow in the woods.

Monday turned out to be quite stormy with a 30 cms snowfall, so just getting to the mountain was an adventure. Once there we headed up through piles of newly fallen snow. At times the trail rose up to our waists as we made our way upward.

A gray jay inspecting our food offerings before landing on our hands.

This morning we woke to sunny skies and a pristine environment (top photo), all traces of our ascent having disappeared in the new snow over-night. We began our way down the mountain, stopping along the way to feed a few gray jays and play in the magical wonderland that the deep snow creates on mountain tops.

I took some video of the trip which I'll try to post here and on the Vimeo site once I've done some editing...

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