Monday, March 9, 2009

SPOT, The Home View

Most people by now have heard about the SPOT location device and have some idea of how it provides a map location to the people one selects to receive it. Obviously this device is seen as a real bonus for those roaming in isolated areas where safety and possible rescue is an issue. Those at home, can follow along and be assured that all is well - or not.

In the picture above, a participant in the on-going Everglade Challenge is using a SPOT device to keep those at home informed on her progress during the race. I'd not seen the SPOT information from the receiving end before and was amazed at it's clarity and usefulness. It would appear in this case that location 'spots' are being sent to the SPOT site every 10 minutes or so resulting in a trace of the route taken by the paddler. Fascinating!

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pinkandgeek said...

I LOVE my SPOT. I used it on an 11 expedition with great success. It made the journey very interactive. And, as you already know, it is very simple to operate. I am not a SPOT salesman, but this is one product that I will shamelessly plug all day.