Thursday, September 16, 2010

Silent Lake, Ontario

Here's my routine these past few weeks: Pack the camper, drive to the chosen destination and set-up camp. Usually, if the area has enough interesting paddling spots and some hiking trails, I'll stay in a campground where I can have easy access to showers, toilets and so on. If not, then it's either, quicker and rougher stealth camping - or sometimes kayak camping in a tent. Here, at Silent Lake Provincial Park, it was the former. There are no paddle-in camp sites here, but it's a nice little lake with lots of hiking trails. I ended up spending four nights on this spot.

Access to the water was quick and easy, although it required a drive from the campsite. Once at the beach, it was an easy launch on a lake which at this time of year was almost mine alone to enjoy.

I managed to grab one lakeside geocache, but spent the rest of the time exploring all the little channels and bays on the pretty lake. There's a hiking trail which works its way around the lake as well as several loop trails to various ponds and bogs nearby. The Kawartha Highlands area is just a short drive away and it too offers lots of lakes to explore. I didn't get into that area this time, but with better weather and more time, it looks like an interesting area to explore.


David H. Johnston said...

That's a great photo of your car/camper set-up.


David J.

PenobscotPaddles said...

Is that a Vaag on your car? If so have you any hints on making the seat more comfortable?

Michael said...

Yes it's a Vaag. I find the seat fine, however, I have carved the foam backrest into a more comfy shape, allowing better lay-backs.

Unknown said...

Very nice blog! I too am an avid kayaker and camper. Recently I began fishing from my kayak, lots of fun. My husband (also an avid kayaker and camper) are hoping to head to Silent Lake this year to camp and kayak. I'm hoping we can spend some time paddling in Kawartha Highlands. Anyway, great job on your blog!