Thursday, October 25, 2012

Long Lake, Ontario

There must be millions of 'long lakes' out there and this one near Sharbot Lake, Ontario is another one. Given it's about 6 kms long it probably falls into the 'little' long lake category, but nonetheless it made for a cheery paddle on an otherwise dull, overcast and chilly day.

There is a great launch area right off the main road although there are signs posting No Parking which naturally I failed to see until exiting at the end of the day. I have no idea where one is supposed to park. Surely not on the road above...

The lake is dark and clear at this time of year. Not a soul to be seen other than a few workmen cutting trees or closing in houses for the winter.

I paddled to the far end and got out on a lovely granite outcrop amid tall pines. The perfect lunch spot. All was quiet, no birds, no bugs not even a squirrel.

I returned following the opposite shore. Once again a mix of closed cottages and wilderness. The only other visitor on the lake was a distant loon. It was a pleasant day on the water for both of us.

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Crystal said...

Sounds like a lovely day. Our Long Pond in Belgrade Lakes I'd guess to be maybe 7 miles long.

IndianHeadTrailers said...

There is something great to be said about finding a quiet place on this Earth. This sounds like a great place.