Monday, September 18, 2006

Messing About in Boats Today

I don't recall exactly when, but I previously posted a picture of my all time favourite water-side cabin. Well, guess what? I've changed my mind. I have a new favourite. It's a favourite because it's way cuter. It has cool chinked log construction - so Canadian - and flower baskets and a handy water-side device for storing my SOF qajaq. Now how great is that? You're right, it's rocking awesome!

Now this next item is a turtle. I believe it's an 'Eastern Painted' turtle which I don't recall seeing around here before. The books tell me it's near it's northern range limit in this area, but we all know there are robins on Baffin Island these days, so these turtles have probably been around here since I was a child! Anyway, I love seeing other water dwellers when out paddling. I spotted a 'Great Blue Heron' on my dock as I was returning from the usual tour, but the devil got away before I could get a decent shot. Well, they're plentiful, so I'll be patient.

Now tomorrow, I have something very cool to reveal! I can't wait...


clairesgarden said...

whats happening tomorrow? or is it today? the time difference thing?
love the shed, I dont know if I ever gave you this link, they have some great sheds on a claendar, you can look at their pictures on the site
still following Ilatsiak.

Michael said...

Claire, I happy to see you're still following the Ilatsiak story. It went right past your home, did you notice? Thanks for the 'shed' link. I'll check it out.