Thursday, September 21, 2006

Walrus Hunting Anyone?

I was over visiting my Mother yesterday and she tried to give me a subscription to a magasine called 'Walrus'. I wasn't really that interested as obviously it doesn't come in a waterproof format, so can't be read while I'm kayaking. Besides I'd need to get a double so the other person could keep the boat moving while I enjoyed reading.
It got me thinking however, that I should finally get on with one of retirement projects: scanning my arctic slides which date back to 1967 or so. I've got tons of them, more than a lifetime of scanning, so today I decided to look through and at least scan the best of them.
I used to go walrus hunting in open 24 foot motorized canoes with the Iglulingmiut. And as the subject of walrus hunting was fresh in my mind, I decided to scan a couple of pictures from those old 'aiviksiorqtuk' days.

Just imagine yourself in your skin-on-frame qajaq, with your harpoon raised as you get closer to the walrus sleeping on an ice pan...

but as you approach just a bit closer, they awaken...

... and dive into the water. What's your next move?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

OMG! What a thrill.
Great photo too . . . I would surely drop the camera in the water.

I'm glad you found my blog and I'll be checking back to read more of yours.
I don't think I'll be posting my kayaking photos because my blog is mainly about gardening . . . maybe another day I'll start a "kayaking" blog.

clairesgarden said...

paddling away very quickly!

Michael said...

Becky - come on, you can do a kayaking blog on the side!

Claire - what if the folks back home are hungry and need a good walrus steak for supper?