Friday, June 8, 2007

It's Time to Go Messing About.

Do not sit and stare at this screen... I am not here.
I'm with the thousand winds that blow.
I'm with the diamond glints on the waves.
I'm looking at the sunlight on the hills.
I'm standing in the gentle rain that falls.
I'm listening to the morning's hush, the quiet birds in circling flight.
I'm basking in the soft star shine at night.
So don't stare at this screen.
I am not here...
I'm paddling!

Yup, it's time that I went messing about in my boat. I'm heading off to Canada's maritime provinces to paddle for the next six weeks or so, maybe more. Posting will be sporatic at best, if at all. I suggest you all go paddling too! In any event, take care of each other, paddle well!


clairesgarden said...

have a good paddle!

Silbs said...

"There is onthing quite so worth while as messing around in boats." Enjoy.

Kristen said...

Look forward to staying in touch with all your adventures, Michael! Have fun.

Cristóbal said...

Michael, have a beautiful and safe trip up there! Enjoy it!

Steve said...

Hilarious adaption of that overused funeral poem, Michael. Well done!

Silbs said...

It's now July 1, and I see your comments on various blogs. Time to start sharing all the good stuff that you've been doing. What say, Michael?

Michael said...

Patience, Dr Silbs. I'm working on my recovery from Newfoundland cultural shock. Let's just say Burgeo, Bonne Bay, Dildo Run and now Fogo are taking their glorious toll. I should be up and posting shortly! LOL

Silbs said...

OK, I've been patient for 24 hours ( a personal record:)). Now, spill the beans......please

Silbs said...

Okay, that's one month of not sharing with us the good stuff. Miss your posings.

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