Friday, March 21, 2008

A New Set Of Wheels

NRS is selling a new type of boat cart. Made mostly of plastic, they claim the cart is "stout, sturdy and ridiculously simple". It is designed to carry loads up to 300 lbs and easily "breaks apart and snaps together" - I said it was plastic! - making stowage inside one's kayak simple. With no moving parts and nothing to corrode, rust or jam up with sand, this cart sounds interesting.

Anyone out there tried one yet?


Anonymous said...

Interesting, but I'll bet it won't fit in those little classic Nordkapp hatches.

Michael said...

LOL Maybe not, but that's where your chainsaw comes in handy! You do have a chainsaw, don't you...?

Anonymous said...

Chaisaws are too valuable for that kind of cutting. Maybe I'll look into an old hatchet:-)