Thursday, March 6, 2008

Speaking of Winters...

If, like me, you paddle a QCC kayak the name John Winters will ring a bell. He designed the various models as well as numerous other small boats. He has recently completed a new ebook entitled, A Hydrodynamic Study of Skin Kayaks, which sounds like a fascinating look into just what happens as we paddle our boats through the water. This book follows The Shape of the Canoe - Designing Canoes and Kayaks, his companion ebook. He writes about this latest volume:

"The intention was to determine if any hydrodynamic similarities or trends could be detected as opposed to comparing kayaks on a qualitative basis (although I suspect people will want to use the data that way). A range of form coefficients, stability and resistance was analyzed and from the data graphical trends and differences, if any, were examined."

In all he used data from 21 skin kayaks, four hypothetical kayaks, and two modern kayaks to get an idea of what was going on as these boats moved through the water. Most of us paddle for the fun and pleasure of it, but knowing some of the science that occurs as we move along can only provide a deeper appreciation of our sport. If you like designing and building your own boats then this book ought to be a goldmine of information about getting the boat characteristics you're looking for.

John can be reached at his home in Liverpool, Nova Scotia by sending him an email at jdwinters at Both books are available on CD format for $25 Cdn each, slightly more elsewhere.


Unknown said...

Hi Michael
Thanks for the tip on the books. I just ordered both copies. btw the price is $28 CAD each.

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