Monday, September 1, 2008

Moraito and Cameron, Guitarists

Youtube can be an ever flowing source of interesting videos, especially for those with hi-speed internet. something I lack at home where each byte of data is brought in by dog sled. Now that I am traveling in the land of easy access to hi-speed, I've been editing and uploading some of my paddling videos to YouTube.

While at the YouTube site, I've been watching new flamenco videos posted in recent months. Today I came across a really interesting one posted by 'titosiroco' in which Cameron, the famous singer, plays guitar with a very young looking Moraito Chico and another person who I don't recognize. I've embeded the video above so those interested in things flamenco can have a look. To me, this is a really fun video. To see these two heros of mine together in a very 'flamenco setting and especially to see Cameron both singing and playing guitar at the same time is amazing. I knew he could play guitar and that he knew Moraito, but to see it all together is special.

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Silbs said...

Wonderful. When do we see a clip of you playing?