Monday, September 8, 2008

Widen Your News Sources

We like to think of ourselves as kayakers, but are we really keeping up? Here's your chance to read Sermitsiak, Greenland's daily newspaper. Find out what's really going on - if anything - in the qajaqing world! The hardcore among you can flip to the news in Greenlandic... I'm sticking with the English version for a while, until my Greenlandic skills improve. Enjoy!


bonnie said...

It's funny, I have a good friend from college who is not a kayaker, and doesn't know many kayakers, but who's going on a trip to Greenland to tag muskox (well, there'll be other stuff, the muskox-tagging was just the bit that caught my attention). He was lamenting the fact that nobody he knows wanted to go to Greenland with him, which completely cracked me up 'cause going to Greenland would be the ultimate dream vacation for half the people I know!

I told him that & he said maybe he needs to hang out with my friends more!

Of course that's tricky, him living in Oregon and all.

Michael said...

Bonnie - well now we can read about his exploits in the Sermitsiak online news!