Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Slalom Course

Indian Summer, those warm fall days that suddenly appear just when you've resigned yourself to the end of summer and the slow descent into winter, have arrived! They make perfect paddling weather. Not too hot. Not too cold. Perfectly clear, crispy air and the water's still warm as well. I headed down the 'wild side' of my lake. It was covered with bubbles for some reason. A kingfisher led me on, around the point, into the next bay and then toward the farther point.

Crossing over to the eastern shore, I spotted a line of white buoys. A perfect slalom course. I normally paddle with the rudder down, but for greater nimbleness in the corners, I pulled it up and charged the line. There's lots of fun to be had here, edging corners, making quick adjustments with bow and stern ruddering with the paddle, whatever it takes to get the boat around the buoys without touching or missing one all the whole pushing for the greatest speed possible.

Great fun on a fall day!

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