Friday, November 24, 2006

Another day, another paddle in paradise.

Another in a sudden string of glorious days to be out on the water. Temperature was around 5°C, but sunny with a rising wind to make it interesting on the run back to the put-in.

I put-in at the public beach as I no longer keep my boat in the boathouse for fear it gets snowed in. Can't have that and paddle too!

Heading up the western shoreline, I was impressed by the con-trails (I think that's what they call them) of 7 aircraft overhead. They all seemed to be heading towards Plattsburg, NY in the USA which makes me wonder if they're not military craft coming back from Germany for the weekend.

Tucking around the point, I stopped for lunch out of the rising wind. Someone conveniently placed a couple of posts in the water just off the beach for me to tie up to while I ate. I love kind people! After eating, it looked like I'd have a slog getting home. Oh, goodie!

I am constantly amazed by nature. Here a tree clings to the waterline below a cliff. How can it possibly live like that? When I see something like that I realise how tough nature wants us to be if we're to live on this planet. It's a wonderful lesson to learn. Be tough, be brave, help others be the same.

Heading back home after a great day, refreshed, renewed, a little bit tougher and braver than before.


Douglas Wilcox said...

Lovely! Clearly Canada has done a very efficient job of exporting any foul weather across the Atlantic this November!
Douglas :o)

clairesgarden said...

it looks beautiful, amazing tree roots!
do you prefer to eat in the boat? I like to get out and have a stretch.

Michael said...

Claire - Normally I'd land and walk about as well, but the sudden appearance of the posts in the water, and the No Trespassing signs on shore deterred me this time.
Douglas - Sorry about exporting the lousy weather! Actually our Fall has been exceptionally foul with twice the normal rainfall in my area. Perhaps these fine days will reach you next week!

Bob said...

Hi Michael, Thanks for showing us the photo’s I really enjoyed them. I would love to go out on the water like that, I wouldn’t want the white water stuff but to go out on the lake would be great. Do you have to have any training or can you just buy the gear and take to the water? Does the wind make a lot of difference? I imagine it to have the same effect as when riding a bike.

Michael said...

ukbob - I don't recommend just heading out on your own! I tried out boats at a dealers and got some basic instruction to begin with. Then it was friends mostly who moved me along. Now I'm taking more instruction to advance beyond calm water and into rolling and surfing. This seems to the way most people get into the sport.

Anonymous said...

They have good reason to post those no tresspassing signs knowing that you're lurking about!