Monday, November 27, 2006

Stacks and Caves

Stacks and caves are the stuff of ocean kayaking as we all know either from being there or from watching videos and slide-show presentations. If you only paddle inland waters, your chances of entering a cave or slipping between shore and stack are few and far between. I was excited to find a chance to do both a few weeks ago when I paddled with my 'Frost-biter' friends. In the photo above, Val Rice of New York state enters the cave mouth. It was easily big enough for the both of us.

This picture shows one of a series of stacks - actually huge pieces of the adjoining cliff which had fallen away and not real stacks attached to the bedrock like you find elsewhere, especially along ocean shorelines.

One of the extras about stacks and caves in fresh water venues however, is the possibility of meeting up with lake monsters like 'Champ'... We got away with our foolish exploits this time without angering anything bigger than we were!


Unknown said...

Hey, Val,

Where's that GP?!??


Michael said...

Gee... where is it, Val? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Such dreary pictures....