Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Skiing with Google

The fuzzy looking map above is Google's impression of my backyard. After skiing yesterday, I had a go at plotting the route I had taken with my wife, daughter and brother. Moss acted as scout, ranging far ahead of us, racing around like good hunting dogs do! I know it is not very accurate, but it suggests we tallied about 3.75 km in the hour or so we were out. With our new snow and -12°C temperatures, conditions were perfect.

Just above is a picture from the route we took through forest and fields up on the ridge east of our house. We don't own most of this property, but enjoy the very best of neighbours who, ever since our arrival about 30 years ago, have generously let us use their lands as if it were ours. You don't get better people than that!

Kayaking? Maybe, this weekend if the temperature warms up from our present -24°C to around 0°C. It's been over a week since I've paddled, so I'm getting the itch to get out there again.


bonnie said...


Well, we're a little wintrier here than we were on Monday, too. Glad I did my unplanned long paddle when I did - I knew temps were going to drop some. Guess I shouldn't whine about walking out into a mere -4 (celsius) this morning!

The winds that ushered in the cold were pretty good. Nice night to stay in and blog!

clairesgarden said...

brr! chilly! looks like you all had fun!