Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snow, Snow, Glorious Snow!

As you can tell from the two pictures in today's post, we'd had some snow. Above was the situation on Sunday. Below is a picture off the porch this morning. Twenty centimeters of the stuff, which is finally enough to making skiing fun. After the original snow in early December, we've not had much at any one time. No sooner would we get a bit, then it would rain or get so mild it would all disappear. The downside is that the snow has come with very cold temperatures. It's -12°C at the moment and is expected to drop to -20°C overnight. That's fine for skiing, but cold temperatures like these make me seriously wonder about the wisdom of going out for a paddle, especially alone. I think not...

If you're a Sir John Franklin fan, and live in North America, then I understand that the NOVA program on PBS will be re-airing a program tonight at 8 pm on his last voyage to discover the Northwest Passage. The companion website can be found here.

So, with that, I'm off to finish clearing the driveway and then I think I'll go skiing!

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clairesgarden said...

have fun skiing! think your temperatures are much colder than we ever get here.