Monday, January 29, 2007

Touring the St Lawrence Gulf

The summer that Maligiaq visited and took part in La Traversée, a kayak race across the St Lawrence from Forestville to Ste Luce, I met Serge Savard. Originally, I was put in touch with him as I figured he would be better placed to host Maligiaq as he was already entered in the race, but it turned out it was more convenient that Maligiaq stay with me, which he did. Serge was juggling his role as competitor and businessman and was more than busy enough. I was on summer break and totally free.

Over the years since then Serge's name comes up in the paddling world as he continues to seek adventure through kayaking. I recently came across his account of the trip he made crossing each of the straits which form the St Lawrence Gulf. Any of these sections of water is a challenge in itself, but the fact that Serge did them all, one after the other, is remarkable. And why did he do it? To pass a course! Here's what he says -

"To complete a degree in Outdoor Recreation and Adventure Tourism at the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi students have to carry out a large-scale project – a practical application of the skills studied. Looking at a map of Canada's Atlantic Provinces, I chose a solo adventure. I would paddle my kayak across all six straits in the Gulf of St. Lawrence."

There is a good account of the trip on the Mountain Equipment Coop site if you want to read it. I highly recommend it. You'll note it's available in French as well. Just click the 'Français' button on the left column. Here's the link. Happy reading and 'Bravo!' Serge.


Unknown said...

That's an exciting story. I have known Serge for several years and he taught me my first instructor course way back.

I remember following along when he was doing the crossings amazed that one could make a crossing that long.


David H. Johnston

Alison Dyer said...

Had Serge as a CRCA level 2 instructor - extremely good at it. I was impressed with his trip. ALison