Thursday, July 26, 2007

Burgeo's Surprise

Of course, Burgeo is not all rain and fog. The pictures above and immediately below were taken on a brilliantly sunny day from the town's observation deck just a short climb across the street from the B&B where I stayed.

Coming into the harbour is the ferry which plies the south coast towards Ramea, the offshore islands and other places to the east. The B&B owners are working on two additional places for people to stay, one in Ramea and the other in François, a community to the east along the south coast. These ferry services from Burgeo open up the possibility of paddling the coast one way and then returning on one of the ferries! Tempting, isn't it?

Cradled in such a rocky land and seascape, is another of Burgeo's surprises: the glorious sandy beaches in nearby Sandbanks Provincial Park. This area is well worth the visit if only for the exercise one gets taking the numerous walking trails it offers. In past years the park has been used by kayak clubs as a training venue for which its variable attributes make it ideal.

I had been thinking I would camp at Sandbanks Park as the day I arrived it was beautiful, warm and sunny. However, the high winds and promise of rain and foggy weather ahead changed my mind and I'm glad it did. Staying at Newfoundland's B&Bs are often a special experience, a chance to meet local people, sample local foods and learn about life in the community. It's also a way to 'give back' as one can put a little cash into the communities one visits. This act is something that's becoming increasingly important as these places make the sometimes difficult change from an economy based less on sea resources to one more service oriented. I like win-win situations like these!


clairesgarden said...

beautiful beaches, sounds fab! I like your expression 'rock garden', I'm a fraid the bottom of my boat can display a few runs ins there!

Anonymous said...

Michael your pictures are truely full of stories...I love shots like that. Glad you had a great visit in NFLD. Come again and lets paddle.
I can relate to the pain....Ha.