Monday, July 30, 2007

Bonne Bay Mouth

I turned around and headed back to the put-in. The wind was out to get me as I paddled out of Bonne Bay into the Gulf of St Lawrence. I could feel my limits would soon be reached. Waves had been building for a while and now they were beginning to break and roll down on me, something I don't like to be out in alone. Then I turned around again. I had a goal, a promise to keep that I'd made last summer. I could handle the conditions as long as things didn't deteriorate further. I headed out again and soon passing the rocky spire called 'The Pinnacle' in the picture above. One thing my boat likes is to go up-wind if I want to paddle it!

Once passed this point, the wind died away almost completely. I had been slogging through a wind funnel created by the high hills near the mouth of Bonne Bay. I dug in and was soon easily gliding on, knowing I would be able to get to my objective, a narrow falls on South Point. To visit the falls was a paddling promise I'd made the year before from the lighthouse near Rocky Harbour on the north side of the bay. I'd soon be there.

When the falls came in sight, I got a surprise: there was a hole in the rocky wall which formed the south end of the beach at the falls. It wasn't big, more of a window than an arch, but it was something few others had seen as most kayakers visiting Bonne Bay tend to stay within the inner bays.

I walked the length of the curved beach and looked back to the lighthouse. I doubt people are able see the falls this year as the present flow rate is considerably reduced. I wondered if a local kayaker I'd met in Rocky Harbour had managed to visit the falls. I'd forgotten to ask when we'd talked the day before.

It was a fun and satisfying visit. I like keeping little promises. To celebrate, I collected a small rocky souvenir and headed back to my put-in at Norris Point, using Gros Morne as my beacon.


Silbs said...

This series is beginning to torture me as I feel the lure to repack and get back out. Just awesome stuff, Michael.

Michael said...

Go with your feelings, Dick. Put the torture behind you and get out there...

Kristen said...

Had to smile - our family also has a penchant for collecting small rock souvenirs.