Monday, May 19, 2008

Grand Rassemblement 2008!

Ever wonder where you could go for a few nights of lakeside camping with a couple hundred friends, paddle all you like, take part in workshops, listen to information sessions, trip accounts and try out lots of new kayaks all for only $25? This year I spent my money at Québec's Grand Rassemblement 2008 kayaking event in Piopolis. To make the event even a bit more interesting, I took my brand new (to me) Go-Camp mini-trailer. I picked it up north of Montreal last Friday afternoon and was on the road ready to paddle on Saturday morning. I am extremely pleased with how well the Go-Camp tows behind my light car. The gas mileage seems to be no worse that when car-topping my kayak alone! It is comfortable, airy and pleasant to be in. Not at all what one might think of life in a small box on wheels!

Here is the view of the beach and waterfront from the municipal camp-grounds. Over the next few days I'll post more information on the event and some of the boats I got to paddle. Some of them are brand spanking new boats from new companies, and others were very rare examples, seldomly seen in North America. It made for a very interesting weekend!


Borrasca said...

Very, very intersting your Go-Camp mini trailer sir.

It's imposible to purchase it i spain oooooooooooooooh.

Michael said...

¡Hola Borrasco!

No sé si los Go-Camps estan obtenible en España. ¡Quisas tú puedes fabricar una 'Teardrop' tú mismo! Google 'teardrop plans'...