Thursday, May 1, 2008

Zach Kunnuk Interview

IsumaTV translates into English as 'ThinkTV', almost an oxymoron these days, but Igloolik's multifacited production team has really made us TV viewers think. They've recently posted an interview with the head of Isuma, Zach Kunnuk. Here's how it begins...

I was nine when I came into Igloolik. I was on Baffin Island, living on the land, and I saw the last of that era - my family living in a sod house, my father getting ready to go dog-teaming early in the morning, mother waking me up saying, "Go get your dog," because nobody else could catch my dog. (In those days all dogs were loose, outside). I would go out and the dog would come to me, and I'd give it to my father. He harnessed it, and I would go back to sleep. I was just about old enough to go out with the men dog-teaming, and then I had to go to school; so I just saw a little bit of that life.

I recommend reading the rest. The man behind the film 'Atanarjuat' and the 'Journals of Knud Rasmussen' has much to say. Enjoy!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the heads up. I think I will go have a look myself. It sounds interesting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Michael. Well worth the time. The whole site is interesting to poke around in.