Thursday, May 22, 2008

Old Times, Changing Times

My revised Greenland style kayak seen here lying on the beach, is no longer alone...

How long ago was it that one never saw a Greenland skin-on-frame boat (SOF) or a Greenland style paddle? I remember in the late 1990's when Maligiaq was in Montreal preparing for the 'Traversée' across the St Lawrence river people made fun of his 'skinny stick' wooden paddle. They didn't laugh after the race was over. Many must have wondered what had happened, how had he got so far ahead of them?

Last weekend not only were at least half the paddlers using Greenland sticks, there were several other SOF kayaks present. It's a good sign of changing times and how the sport of kayaking is open to old ideas and new, interested in exploring every facet of itself. I like that feeling!

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