Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Banner Pictures

Ever wondered where the pictures in the blog banner come from? I didn't think so, but I'll tell you anyway. Nothing like a bit more useless information to pad the far reaches of your brain. Think of it as brain padding when you're practicing your rolls. A little extra to keep the noggan in place...

Okay, from left to right, Florida. If you paddle inland from old Homosassa on the west coast, keeping to the right you'll pass under a small road bridge. Turn left and there's a little creek which follows the road. A little wild spot almost in town!

Second picture was taken on Trinity Bay heading south along the coast towards Hant's Harbour. We'd already paddled downwind that day, but it was so lovely out, we heading back upwind ending in Capelin Cove.

Middle picture was taken on a symmetrical day where shorelines and sky were all perfectly reflected in the waters of Lake Massawippi where I frequently paddle.

The next along is a beach just past the South Point coming out of Bonne Bay in Newfoundland. There's a waterfall and a hole in the rock at the beach making it a fun stop when paddling in that area.

Lastly, the new ribbing on my skin-on-frame qajaq. Here I've clamped then in place to get an idea of how I like the lines before I notch them in place.

Now that's done, I'm toying with posting up a new set...

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