Monday, June 23, 2008

MEC's Toronto Paddlefest 2008

First stop on my recent jaunt was PaddleFest, an event put on by Canada's Mountain Equipment Coop chain in various cities across the country. I chose to head up to Toronto to meet Justine Curgenven and Dubside, not to mention anyone else who wanted to smile back in my direction.

It was a happy gathering of the water world. Water craft of every description were out on the bay enjoying the day, the boats and the instruction. I ran into Dubside, caught up on his news - he's incredibly busy these days - and we discussed his latest video production, a sort of history of Greenland paddling and Delmarva for the past several years.

Justine was as charming a person as you could ever hope to meet. We watched, listened and interrupted as she led us around New Zealand's South Island. It was a story on her blog account, but to hear her tell it, it was so much more. Truly a grand adventure!

After a fun-filled day, I headed northwards to Killarney Provincial Park for my own little adventure. I'll spend the next few days showing you what I saw there.

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Justine Curgenven said...

hi Michael,
It was great to meet you ( the money is in the mail for saying that I'm charming!). sorry we didn't get more chance to chat - I expected to bump into you later that afternoon or on Sunday but didn't see you again!
all the best