Saturday, April 4, 2009

Banyan Trees in Key West

I found Silb's comment yesterday about the Kapok tree interesting because, like him and others, I too saw the kapok tree and immediately thought 'banyan'. A passer-by put me right when I tried to impress him with my vast knowledge of exotic tree species by referring me to the sign below the tree which clearly stated what it was. One learns so much through travel...

I was also informed that a locale B&B just down the street was called the 'Banyan Inn' or something like that and had a tree growing in the front lawn, so I wandered down to have a look. In the photo it is clearly a very different tree indeed. Not a kapok seed in sight, but instead dozens of hanging support roots streaming off the upper branches of the tree. The owners of the property had to pull some of the hanging roots aside so as to continue using their driveway. In time, the tree will no doubt envelope the house and enlarge itself throughout Key West, merging with the more native mangrove islands offshore. Be careful what you plant...


Silbs said...

I always enjoy attending school at your blog site.

bonnie said...

Banyan trees are the very best trees in the world for climbing.

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