Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Beautiful Weather

I swung down past my lake this afternoon to see how things were coming along. It was a bit nippy at 3°C, but the rain was steady. A little wind, actually a lot of wind, would have made it a perfect day. That dark line of ice seen in the middle of the lake is now in the 'candle' stage of melt meaning the crystals are aligned vertically rather than horizontally. In this configuration, the ice has little strength to resist any sideways force like wind or current. It also means than the warm rain water percolates down into the ice following the spaces between the crystals and hurries up the melt process. So bring it on! I'm ready to paddle on a moment's notice.

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Richard Hayes said...

Ice-out is coming, slowly but surely, even in this neck of the North Atlantic. These shots were taken around Eastport last weekend...most of the cool stuff should be gone by the time you and the Go-Camp get here :->))