Saturday, April 18, 2009

Winds and Clouds

I'm two for two so far, which is to say that since I began paddling two days ago, I've been out twice! Imagine that, twice! In a row, even!

Okay, what was really interesting were the high winds I encountered, probably the highest wind speeds I've ever paddle in. I didn't have my little Brunton windspeed gauge with me, but checking later at the local airport, they reported 37 kph with gusts to 54 kph. I don't know if that's the range I was out in, but I do know at times, I was moving backwards rather than forwards despite my best efforts.

Another interesting feature of the paddle and perhaps related, perhaps not, were a number of high lenticular clouds upwind of my position. I know these clouds are formed by high winds, but whether those winds appear at ground level as well is something I don't know.

All said, it was an interesting day to be on the water! Now for day #3...

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clairesgarden said...

well its good for you, all that exercise...even if you didn't cover any distance!