Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm Renewed!

Everyone knows that Spring is called the season of renewal and so it is. For me it is also the time to renew my domain name ''. Now this was supposed to be an automatic process, much like the seeds sprouting. No one is required to dig into the dark ground to kick-start the natural process. Well, this year a number of things conspired and '' didn't renew itself. To make matters worse I momentarily lost control of the domain name and it went into 'suspension', a kind of domain no-man's-land. That situation was corrected early last week, but then for another week or so, '' couldn't be accessed because it had lost it's 'host'.

I'm glad to be able to say, the seed is now above the ground, as of this morning, the site is once again available to the people who prefer using the shorter URL name. Hopefully next spring, nature will be back on automatic pilot

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